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Developers: Periferia Creative and Desfici
Founding date: Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain)
Data de fundació: September, 2013
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You’re a thief. In fact, you’re the most renowned gentleman thief in Europe! Someone offers you a juicy reward in exchange for recovering certain well-guarded objects hidden across the continent. Cracking the complex security systems that protect these relics is a job that can only be carried out by someone like you. You’ll have to crack safes, open combination locks, dodge lasers, pick padlocks, push levers, unbolt doors, break walls and turn cranks to access the most obscure secret hiding places. Each door opens a new mystery and each object retrieved unveils ancient secrets and disturbing characters. That’s the price for working in the shadows.

Unlocked! offers 40 levels packed with against-the-clock skill challenges that will leave you breathless. By way of elegant visual abstraction and simple gestures easily understood by any smartphone user (tap, slide, pinch, etc.), players will have to unlock door after door, all with security systems, always with a tight time limit so as to avoid getting caught. Unlocked! Is pure adrenaline, a crescendo of heartbeats, swift fingers, watchful eyes and lots of cold blood. Never have such basic mechanics made for so much play on an iPhone.


So it begins…
Based on an original idea by designer Raúl Gil, the Unlocked! project began to take shape at the end of 2012, when the Periferia Creative team agreed to procude, design and develope the game. A few months later, an agreement was reached with Desfici, the development team, in order to fulfill all the production needs. Unlocked! is born with the aim of creating an engaging quality game for smartphones, able to find a niche on an increasingly competitive market. We’re working hard with the purpose that Unlocked! becomes an international benchamark thanks to an original and excellent gaming experience

Cool! but.. what is it all about?
Unlocked! is the first mobile game developed by Periferia Creative and Descifi, and we have four concepts that are the basic foundations of the project: we want a game Fun, Fast, Appealing and Challenging. How we’ll accomplish that? First, with an appealing background story. You’ll become Abel, a Gentleman Thief, an elegant cat burglar specialized on finding rare objects for wealthy costumers. A new client wants to prove your abilities and this marks the start of a journey all across Europe to find some old books. Second, with a engaging and fast gameplay that puts you on a race against time to open doors and enter the hideouts where your target lies. Forget about puzzles, you need to go in and out before getting caught and you’ll do it with fast multi touch gestures. And last, but not least, with an elegant design that fits on iOs 7 interface design.

Trailer & teaser

System Requirements:

iPhone 4, 4S, 5 y 5S, with IOS 6 or higher. Also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad if using IOS 6 or higher.


Unlocked! is already available in the App Store at a price of $ 2.99 (€ 2.69).
We update frequently adding new features and languages, and fixing bugs.


Download here a folder with pictures of the game and the team that has developed.


Logo & Icon

Download here a folder with logo and icon of the game.


Unlocked! was nominated in three categories at the Indie Burger Developers Awards 2014:

Unlocked! was nominated for best game / app of the season as the Generació Digital show of Catalunya Radio:

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Team & Collaborators

Original concept: Raúl Gil
Graphic design and UI: Carles Salvador and Raúl Gil
Game Mechanics and level design: Raúl Gil, Raül Muñoz and Jonathan Delgado
Storytelling: Jose Lomo and Raúl Gil
Gameplay Programmer: Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats
Engine Programmer: Jeremias Pérez Morata
Management and Procurement: Joan López
Marketing: Jose Lomo i Jonathan Delgado
Translation and proofreading: Jose Lomo, Raúl Gil, Jonathan Delgado, Alba Jimeno, Rolf Klischewski
Music: Bruno Garca
Sound design: Edgar Vidal


Rambla d’Ègara, 235, 5º C
08224, Terrassa

+34 937 881 941

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